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Satellite Hub Programme

Our flagship Satellite Hub Programme has been created to work in every corner, rural and urban, of the United Kingdom to ensure services work properly together therefore better supporting people who are homeless or threatened with it.

​We are creating a network of local volunteers, called Satellite Hub Leaders, who will work with Councils and other organisations to close gaps in services and advocate better partnership working. With a Hub Leader in council area using the Homelessness Strategy as the point of reference, they will be able to focus in on the issues and priorities around tackling homelessness in that area.

This work started in Worcester after the death of Cardon Banfield and other rough sleepers between 2016-2019, and have forged partnership working with the local authority, Adult Safeguarding Board and other organisations to ensure that there is a reduction of rough sleepers, better support and a clear process in place in case someone does die whilst homeless. We continue to build on these strong partnerships and are helping to create the 'gold-standard' in homelessness partnerships by creating the 'Worcester Model', which includes a homeless forum.

By recruiting a volunteer who lives in the area, it means they are an expert in what that locality is like to live there and will have a better understanding of what the issues are. Hub Leaders are supported by a Coordinator who will give bespoke training and on-hand advice to help them achieve their aims.


Hub Leaders need to commit 5 hours a week to this work and aim to be in post for 12 months or more. Specific requirements can be discussed during the recruitment process.

To find out more or sign up, please click the button below and our team will be in touch within 72 hours!

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