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The Cardon Banfield Foundation is a voluntary organisation with a charity model. We have a Board of Trustees and a number of operational staff. The Trustees help set our strategic direction and ensure the organisation carries out its objectives and aims whilst the operational staff run the day-to-day running of the organisation.

The Board of Trustees has 6 members with an independent Secretary and is Chaired by Ryan Atkins. Operational staff include the CEO, Head of Strategy and Development, Satellite Hub Co-Ordinator, and Satellite Hub Leaders.

We are proud to be an official Member of the National Council for Voluntary Organisation (NCVO) and this will help us to become a Registered Charity in 2021. Our NCVO Number is 27479.

As an organisation that works in the homelessness sector, it is crucial to have appropriate policies in place to ensure the safety of all involved and all our policies will be listed below.

Cardon Banfield Foundation

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NCVO Member: 27479

Registered Charity: Application pending.

Legally, the Cardon Banfield Foundation is managed by C&S Earthquake Consultancy Ltd. - Company Number: 11221978. All donations go to the C&S Earthquake bank account. More information here.

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