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The Cardon Banfield Foundation was established in November 2015 by our Founder and CEO Hugo Sugg who had experience of homelessness himself at the age of 18. The organisation started from a blog post Hugo wrote describing his experience and since then we have campaigned on many issues. Formerly called Hugo's Earthquake, our successful work includes getting a homeless forum for organisations in Worcester City, responding to a Parliament inquiry into homelessness, backing the successful Homelessness Reduction Bill and getting a Safeguarding Adults Review (SAR) into Cardon Banfield's death amongst the 5 others, including Remi Boczarski and Joby Sparrey, who have tragically died in Worcestershire since 2016.

Our previous campaigns have included 'Somewhere In Summer' and 'Where Is Your Next Home?' - which highlighted the potential pathways into homelessness and ensuring there was support available for anyone who may be threatened with homelessness. Somewhere In Summer runs every year and seeks to raise awareness of rough sleepers in summer and the dangers hot weather can bring. We have lots more campaigns in the pipeline and welcome any ideas you may have.

The Cardon Banfield Foundation exists to help individuals and families try and prevent homeless or, if it cannot be prevented, make sure it does not reach crisis stage. We also have a policy programme which works away from the frontline services and looks at the strategy and formation of services which support people who are homeless. We are in the process of becoming a charity and have a team of Trustees overseeing our work. Until we are registered, we are governed by C&S Earthquake Ltd., a not-for-profit social enterprise PR consultancy.

We believe homelessness is a public health issue and needs the public to work with organisations to help inform local services and Government.

Across the country, we are working to build positive relationships to carry on the successful work of the Worcestershire homeless forum and ensure every local authority area has a functioning forum.

So come and get involved, because you are the change we need to respond to homelessness.

We want to ensure there are sufficient services

for everyone vulnerable across the UK.

Our Mission

To work all year across the UK empowering individuals, families, organisations and the Government to support people who are homeless and at risk of becoming homeless.

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Our Vision

To have a strong community across the UK which ensures there are well-funded and planned services so no person slips through the safety net.

Cardon Banfield Foundation

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Email: hugo@cardonbanfield.org

Registered Charity: Application pending.

Legally, the Cardon Banfield Foundation is managed by C&S Earthquake Consultancy Ltd. - Company Number: 11221978. All donations are directed to the C&S Earthquake bank account. More information here.

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