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About Us

Quiet street

The Cardon Banfield Foundation exists to help improve communication between organisations and services that work with people who are homeless, help individuals and families try and prevent homelessness or, if it cannot be prevented, make sure it does not reach crisis stage.

We are a not-for-profit policy organisation which is responding to homelessness. Based in the UK, we exist to tackle the causes of homelessness. Through a network of "Satellite Hubs" and volunteers across the country we work to make services more accessible and efficient to those who need it now and in the future. Our previous work in Worcester has seen a successful homeless forum created and services working together for better outcomes - and, using this model, we are seeking to make this happen across the country.​


The organisation has its origins from a blog post our Founder and CEO wrote describing his experience of homelessness at 18.  From July 2020, we recruited a team of Trustees who are overseeing our work.


Every supporter, volunteer and member of staff of the Foundation believe homelessness is a public health issue and it needs to have a collaborative, public health approach to tackling the problem.


Working all together, we are working to respond to homelessness every day.

Image by Alex Perez

 Our Vision 

To have a strong community across the UK which ensures there are well-funded and planned services so no one slips through the safety net.

Our Mission
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