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Our Chair of Trustees shares his reflection on 7th anniversary of Cardon's body being found

No modern society, with the wealth & resources as the UK, should have a proportion of the population homeless. There are complex reasons for why this happens, and the Foundation’s local model is the correct approach to focus on these differing reasons.

I do what I can to support the efforts to reduce the impacts of being homeless, and provide time to the Foundation as a Trustee. The work the Foundation does is inspiring and attempts to focus on preventing the cause at source. It could be any of us, if that support network is removed or circumstances change. A home provides stability and security, and we should be able to provide that for one another.

I am sorry to have never met Cardon. However I hope the work of the Foundation and these anniversary tributes show that we are all still thinking of him. And in doing so we can reduce the risk of others having to face the same circumstances. For all volunteers for the Foundation, this provides an opportunity for us to reflect on why we do what we do, but also as a motivation to continue our work. Thinking of you.

Ian Stephenson

Cardon Banfield Foundation Chair of Trustees

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