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Dipankar Rabha is "profoundly honoured" to become our new Director of Communications

16:30 07/07/2023

Cardon Banfield Foundation Press Office

Dipankar Rabha speaking into a microphone
Dipankar Rabha

Today, Friday 7th July, the Cardon Banfield Foundation is very pleased to announce our new Director of Communications Dipankar Rabha!

Dipankar Rabha has been with the Cardon Banfield Foundation for 11 months and has made a huge impact.

Starting as a Press Officer and becoming our Senior - Dipankar has helped lead the Press Office to a position where it has streamlined its operations. Under Dipankar's leadership, the Press Office is creating and sending out a record number of press releases.

Dipankar's new role will ensure that the Press Office runs smoothly with our social media and website output so we can really respond to homelessness effectively.

Dipankar shares his comments on his new role:

"Becoming the Director of Communications for the Cardon Banfield Foundation, an organisation dedicated to addressing the tragic issue of homeless death cases, has been a profound honor. Through effective communication, we strive to shed light on this urgent crisis, giving voice to those who have been silenced.
"Our mission is to raise awareness, inspire action, and mobilize resources to prevent and reduce homelessness-related deaths. Together, we can bridge the gap between empathy and action, ensuring that every life lost is not forgotten. As Director of Communications, I am committed to amplifying the stories of the homeless, advocating for change, and fostering a society that values every human life."

Hugo Sugg, Founder and CEO, says:

"Dipankar has shown commitment and dedication to his role as Senior Press Officer and I am pleased that through our restructure of the communications department, Dipankar's efforts have been noticed. Whilst Dipankar is honoured to work for us, we are honoured to have someone with his experience leading our social media, website and Press Office."
"All good organisations need a competent person leading their communications team, and the senior leadership team welcome Dipankar into his new role and look forward to working with him to achieve our ambitious strategy!"
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