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 Meet our Team 

The Cardon Banfield Foundation is manned by a fantastic team who all have the passion to make a difference across the UK by responding to homelessness. You can find contact details here.



Ian Stephenson - Chair
Laura Moss
Tommy Boonham
Neil Watt
Jonathan Whaley

Mahad Ahmed - Secretary to the Board of Trustees


Senior Leadership Team:

Hugo Sugg - Chief Executive Officer

Sophie Rieckmann - Chief Operating Officer & Director of Policy and Research

Dave Thackeray - Director of Communications

Abi George - Volunteer Coordinator/HR

Staff Team:

Alberto Mabjaia - Database Researcher
Alex Donker - Blog Writer
Charley Nettleingham-Ryan - Press Officer
Gustav Appiah - Press Officer
Joseph Hull - Satellite Hub Leader

Kirsty McAuley - Satellite Hub Leader
Liana Burrell - Satellite Hub Leader

Lisa Marshall - Satellite Hub Leader
Martha Adeboye - Events Coordinator

Mia O'Connor - Partnerships Lead

Millie Easton - Satellite Hub Leader

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