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Our new Equality, Diversity, Inclusion, Bullying and Anti-Harassment (EDIBAH) Policy


Cardon Banfield Foundation

Each year, the CEO and/or COO reviews all Policies and Procedures that govern the Cardon Banfield Foundation and updates them where necessary and in line with guidance or legislation, these are then taken to the Board of Trustees at their next meeting for ratification.

In our February 2023 review, a proposal to merge our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy with our Bullying and Anti-Harassment Policy was raised. For ease of reference and understanding, it was deemed that these policies could be merged. The merger of the two policies was unanimously approved by the Board of Trustees in March 2023 and the Equality, Diversity, Inclusion, Bullying and Anti-Harassment Policy, to be known as EDIBAH, was created. This week, the Policy has been written and now in force.

The Foundation takes its responsibility in this area extremely seriously and strives to follow and create best practice. If you believe a volunteer or the Foundation as a whole has breached our EDIBAH Policy, then please email both Hugo Sugg (CEO) and Sophie Rieckmann (COO) at & to raise your concerns.

If you raise any issues or concerns relating to equality, diversity, inclusion, bullying or harassment then the process in the EDIBAH Policy will be followed whilst any complaint issues or concerns raised at the same time which falls outside of EDIBAH's remit will be dealt with through the Foundation's Grievance Procedure with these two processes running side-by-side. At the point of collecting the information you have given, management will decide which issues fall into EDIBAH and which do not and they will decide how each process is used. The outcome of the EDIBAH and Grievance processes may be consolidated into one response but the investigator will ensure clarity of what Policy or Procedure is being used when issuing the verdict of the investigation.

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