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Responding to homelessness

We're here to improve communication between organisations and services for the homeless community

What do we do?

Rough sleeping is the most visible, but least prevalent form of homelessness

Who is who?


The Cardon Banfield Foundation responds to homelessness through

a network of volunteers who carry out research, work with local

charities and councils and help create policy ideas.

We passionately believe in accountability and transparency which we believe more of which is needed in the homeless sector.

Click 'our work' in the menu to find out more about our specific projects.




Research - Database, partnerships and campaigns.
Contact: Sophie Rieckmann,

Satellite Hub Programme - Local volunteers helping to improve services.
Contact: Hugo Sugg,


Recruitment - Volunteer HR, training, onboarding.
Contact Abi George,

Press Office - Media, social media and website.

Policy Centre - our policy positions.

Contact: Jess and Isobelle,


Our Governance


Our Strategies

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