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Setting up a local Satellite Hub

Following our successful work in Worcester, we are looking to replicate this model in every area in the United Kingdom by 2032. We recognise homelessness is an issue everywhere, and our work starts with the Local Authority's Homelessness Strategy.

Our flagship Satellite Hub Programme has been created to work in every corner, rural and urban, of the United Kingdom to ensure services really work properly together to support people who are homeless or threatened with it.

​We are creating a network of local experts who are working to close gaps in services and advocate better partnership working. Through a volunteer in each council area, we will be able to focus in on the issues and priorities around tackling homelessness


Having a local volunteer means they are an expert in the area and will have a better understanding of what the issues are.


Through our work across the country, we encourage our Leaders to promote the positive work of Homeless Forums which exist in some parts of the country over a sustained period of time. These forums help bring services which support people who are homeless together and collaborate resources and funding. We promote the "Worcester Model" way of working which is cutting-edge in homeless services partnership work.


We are looking for Satellite Hub Leaders to join our programme.


Supported through bespoke training and on-hand support, our Hub Leaders commit 5 hours a week to run their hub.

To find out more information or become a Satellite Hub Leader, please click this button:

Cardon Gideon Banfield 1942-2016

Cardon Banfield.jpg

The Justice For Cardon Campaign wants to see the following happen:

  • A formal written apology from Worcester City Council and Maggs Day Centre for their failures to help Cardon.

  • A written apology for the incorrect statement saying that Cardon was not known to Worcester City Council.

  • A comprehensive outreach service, similar to the Worcestershire Homelessness Intervention Team, funded by the taxpayer and run by St Paul’s Hostel – who have a proven track record delivering this outreach across the county of Worcestershire.

  • The commissioning of a database to record homeless people approaching services and somewhere to store case-notes – similar to the old Worcestershire Link-Up database.

  • A memorial to Cardon Banfield near to where he died.

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