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Our COVID-19 Response

Covid 19

The global COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic has affected all of our lives and caused so much pain and misery. In regards to homelessness, the Government initiated the "Everyone In" scheme which saw over 90% of rough sleepers bought in across the UK and accommodated in hotels.

Here at the Foundation we welcomed this scheme and the subsequent funding provided after but are still campaigning for better accommodation.

There has been lots of media coverage recently about children and families going hungry or suffering from poverty who normally wouldn't as a result of COVID, and we want to do our bit to help:

  • Give families the basic essentials like toiletries and food,

  • Find them advice and support on issues like loss of employment or housing,

  • Help them find the right accommodation if they need it,

  • Pay for their travel if they cannot work from home.

We believe that no one should suffer unnecessarily as a result of COVID-19.

They need your kindness.

A donation of £6 will give everything above but you can donate however much you like - it will help*.
You will get a personalised newsletter showing you how this money has helped.

* All money will be audited and no volunteer or member of staff will have access to these funds.
All donations go into our business bank account held with Tide Bank under the company C&S Earthquake Ltd. which legally manages the Cardon Banfield Foundation.

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