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Justice for Cardon

Cardon Gideon Banfield 1942-2016

Cardon Banfield.jpg

Cardon Banfield was a member of the ‘Windrush Generation’ and came over to the UK in 1961 from St Vincent and the Grenadines.

He moved around the country, but in the last few years of his life was in the West Midlands – mainly Worcestershire. On the 5th July 2016, Cardon’s body was found on the banks of the River Severn next to Worcestershire County Cricket Club by a warden of the club.

Unfortunately, it took months to identify it was Cardon, as his body was ‘partially mummified’ and it took 3 separate parts of his remains to formally identify him. Since the news broke in October 2016 in the Worcester News, the campaign has been working tirelessly to ensure that people and organisations are held accountable.

Since Justice For Cardon started, the Campaign has submitted Freedom of Information requests for data, asked for 3 reviews into his death (only one has been carried out), been heavily featured in the local press, had national media coverage and eventually got a Safeguarding Adults Review.

Every year on the 5th July, the Cardon Banfield Foundation holds a memorial to remember Cardon.

The Justice For Cardon Campaign wants to see the following happen:

  • A formal written apology from Worcester City Council and Maggs Day Centre for their failures to help Cardon.

  • A written apology for the incorrect statement saying that Cardon was not known to Worcester City Council.

  • A comprehensive outreach service, similar to the Worcestershire Homelessness Intervention Team, funded by the taxpayer and run by St Paul’s Hostel – who have a proven track record delivering this outreach across the county of Worcestershire.

  • The commissioning of a database to record homeless people approaching services and somewhere to store case-notes – similar to the old Worcestershire Link-Up database.

  • A memorial to Cardon Banfield near to where he died.

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