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The Justice

For Cardon

Campaign - Our Aims

The Justice For Cardon Campaign wants to see the following happen:

  • A Safeguarding Adults Review to happen into Cardon Banfield’s death, looking at every circumstance.

  • A formal written apology from Worcester City Council and Maggs Day Centre for their failures to help Cardon.

  • A written apology for the incorrect statement saying that Cardon was not known to Worcester City Council.

  • A comprehensive outreach service, similar to the Worcestershire Homelessness Intervention Team, funded by the taxpayer and run by St Paul’s Hostel – who have a proven track record delivering this outreach across the county of Worcestershire.

  • The commissioning of a database to record homeless people approaching services and somewhere to store case-notes – similar to the old Worcestershire Link-Up database.

  • A memorial to Cardon Banfield near to where he died.

Cardon Banfield Foundation

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